Building ‘S’ Renovation for Student Union Langara College

EXO is currently hard at work. Our new project consists of interior renovations with selective demolition, painting, ceiling, glazing, flooring and electrical work. It will be a great improvement for Langara College once completed.

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Charles Best 6 Classroom Addition

Our newest panelized building system project in Coquitlam, BC. The 7200 sq ft building features six classrooms, two washrooms, mechanical/electrical room, janitorial, copy/storage rooms, and a U-shaped courtyard corridor.

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Off-Site Civil Works Project SD 44

One of our latest completed projects was off-site civil works to property line at Handsworth Secondary for School District 44.

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Tenant Improvement VATJSS

We were happy to work with VATJSS on a recent project. The project consisted of significant tenant improvements from selective demolition, electrical, mechanical, flooring, millwork, painting, etc.

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Tenant Improvement Project BCLS

EXO completed a complex tenant improvement project at one of the largest BC Liquor Stores in the province. This project consists of selective demolition, electrical, mechanical, flooring, millwork, ceiling, painting, and more.

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Industrial Mezzanine Project

EXO built a 4000 sq ft mezzanine in an existing industrial facility. This included steel work and concrete pouring to finish the main flooring and two stair cases.

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Blakeburn Elementary 6 Classroom Addition

Like most schools in the area, the school grounds are overrun with portables. These only have an acceptable lifespan of 10 years. We built a permanent solution that will last for decades longer.

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Washroom Renovation

EXO™ completed a four room renovation at Upper Lynn Valley Elementary in North Vancouver. We transformed the space into mens and womens washroom, special access washroom and an additional storage room.

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Drainage & Landscape/Asphalt Restoration Project SD 44

EXO completed a drainage and landscape/asphalt restoration project at Lynnmour Elementary for School District 44.

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