EXO Building System

The EXO™ Building System is an innovation in pre-engineered building solutions. By eliminating the need for an independent sub-structure, EXO™ Panels open the door to improved performance, rapid construction and customization.

Advanced Construction, Made Easy.

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All EXO™ Panels are proudly Made in Canada at our manufacturing facility in Surrey, British Columbia.


Our clerestory windows capture light throughout the day and illuminate the center of the room.


Clean modern, advanced, design. High ceilings, steel exterior with bright open interior spaces.

EXO™ Standard Models

Inline Model

Our standard inline building can be combined into a long row depending on the space available. With superior indoor lighting, modern architecture and healthy indoor environment this would be a great addition to any site where more space is required.

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Quad+ Model

The key advantage of EXO’s Quad+ Model is the internal vaulted corridor. By connecting all the rooms inside the building, the corridor allows for safe access while keeping occupants warm and dry. This design can be extended into any lengths, and multiple floor plans.

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2-Storey Model

If you have a limited amount of real estate, the EXO™ 2 Storey could be the option you are looking for. Our 2 level structures retain all the added benefits of our single level buildings while utilizing the land you have in the most efficient way. With multiple floorplans and configurations available EXO™ will work with you to ensure your building exceeds your expectations.

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EXO™ Profile

EXO™ Building System was founded by METHOD Innovation Partners Inc. in 2011 and focusses on meeting the growing needs of school districts to expand schools with affordable, quality, quick turnaround, building systems that meet or exceed local building code requirements and ensure easy transport, quick assembly, energy efficiency, and minimized waste. METHOD Innovation Partners is a successful company with a 40-year history of completing projects on time and within budget.

METHOD Innovation Partners Inc. was founded in 1981. We built the reputation of being a trusted partner by successfully bringing customers' products to market. Whether it's the creation of products or the re-engineering of entire manufacturing processes, METHOD has worked tirelessly across a wide variety of industries to redefine what is possible. This consistent track record exists because the company has been partner-owned and operated since its inception.

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What Is EXO?

EXO™ Building System is a network of structural panels to address the drawbacks of traditional building methods. Combined together they create an innovative structure that produces a modern, healthy and energy efficient workspace that everyone can be proud of.

The EXO™ Building System enables architects and developers to design a broad range of structures. Whether you’re planning for a commercial project, institutional building, showpiece or base-camp, our composite technology can be customized to meet your specific need.

EXO™ Panel

The core of our innovation is EXO™ Panel. Its four layers include some of the top architectural materials on the market:

• Structural Steel Tube Frame
• Rigid Closed-Cell Insulation
• Coated Steel Cladding
• Aluminum Vapor Barrier

When fused together, the benefits of each are amplified to deliver superior performance.

A Fundamental Difference

Unlike other building solutions, EXO™ Panels have a steel frame built into their core. This eliminates the need for an independent supporting structure and allows layers to work as a cohesive unit. The result is improved performance and long-term advantages in the key measures of construction methods.

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Modern Architecture

An office or classroom should optimize learning and instill pride; however, most modular structures are boxy and uninviting. EXO™ combines a high ceiling, steel exterior and overall modern aesthetic, to make an uplifting addition to any schoolyard. Functional and engaging, EXO™ establishes a motivating workspace that is adaptable to a variety of layouts.

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Classroom Edition

Portables were meant to be temporary and according to a study by BCIT Engineers most portable classrooms do start out that way. However many end up as a permanent part of the school campus. Portables in service beyond their intended life span develop structural problems and high maintenance costs. As suggested by many world-wide Engineering and Project Management companies, people need to stop making temporary “portable cities” and build smarter using long term solutions.

The EXO™ Building System can be rearranged to generate a variety of different models. EXO creates an open, bright and comfortable environment that is ideal for a classroom setting.

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EXO™ Building System can be re-arranged to generate a variety of different models. We offer a choice of model sizes, roof sizes, panel layouts, colour options, and more. Our team will work with you to design a solution that suits your project and budget. EXO™ creates an open, bring and comfortable environment that is ideal for an office setting.

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Reduce Waste

The EXO™ Building System creates almost no construction site waste, which decreases costs spent on clean-up and prevents debris from overflowing landfills.

Reuse Panels

Renovating an EXO™ Building is simple. Panels from one wall can be moved to another to make room for a new window or door. Reusing Panels will cut down on waste and keep money in your pocket.

Recycle Components

When you disassemble an EXO™ Building, the steel frame, impact-resistant shell and high-density foam insulation can all be recycled, where facilities exist.

Rapid Construction

EXO™ building components are manufactured in our quality-controlled facility in South Surrey during site preparation and foundation work. In addition, by incorporating the structure, insulation, vapour barrier and exterior cladding into each panel at the times of manufacture, on site trades are reduced, erection is simplified and site time is minimized.

Healthy Environment

Air quality is a major determinant of overall health and well-being. Dampness, mold and poor ventilation trigger common ailments, such as allergies and asthma.

The EXO™ Building System has eliminated the conditions that lead to contaminated air. Our Panels are completely wood-free and their components repel moisture and mold.

Energy Efficient

Rigid closed-cell insulation is a high quality product that achieves greater R-values than fibreglass or polystyrene. During production it expands into all voids, eliminating air pockets and channels.

Decreases in energy consumption significantly lower operation costs. There are monthly savings on utility bills and long-term savings on system maintenance.

3.08 air change per hour at 50Pa

"This is an impressive result. New buildings of this size average 5.5 ACH@50 in BC."

Monte Paulsen
Certified Energy Advisor
Red Door Energy Advisors

Permanent Buildings

With a 50 year structural design life and erected on concrete foundations, EXO™ buildings are built to last. High quality materials and building methods ensure your maintenance costs stay as low as possible through the life of the building.

Canadian Quality

Designed to meet Canadian regulations, EXO™ Building System is a predictable and reliable solution. Our standardized manufacturing eliminates risky variables, such as material inconsistencies and gaps in local skill. At each stage of production, built at our Canadian facility in British Columbia, EXO™ Panels receive rigorous inspection to ensure they adhere to strict guidelines.

EXO™ operates to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Principals

EXO Panels

The individual layers of an EXO™ Panel represent the top architectural materials on the market. When fused together, the benefits of each are amplified to deliver superior performance. This fusion allows us to customize Panels to your specifications, without compromising thermal comfort or speedy installation. An innovative product, designed for you.


Height: 8' - 16'

Width: 4' (Standard)

Thickness: from 3.5"


Standard EXO™ Steel Panel, as seen here, constitute the EXO™ Building System's™ modular design. We also offer various steel cladding styles, thicknesses and color options to suit any application. Basic EXO™ Panels can be remodeled to accommodate tailored architectural accents. Specifications available upon request.

Why choose EXO™?

Made in Canada

Provides Clean Air

Energy Savings

Natural Light

No Heavy Equipment Required

Mold Resistant

Labour Savings

Minimal Waste

Modern Design

Quick Assembly

Flat Pack

Pest Resistant

Quality Materials

Water Repellant



Temperature Controlled

ISO 9001: 2008 Compliant