EXO Awarded Build for SD# 43 School District

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We are happy to announce EXO™ was awarded the opportunity to build our new Quad design for Coquitlam School District 43. Blakeburn Elementary will receive a four classroom add on which we are very excited to build for them. We want to thank SD# 43 for their trust and support.

EXO Receives CSA A660 Quality Certification for Steel Building Systems

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We are proud to announce EXO™ Building Systems has received our CSA A660 cerficiation.  A lot of research and development went into creating our panelized building solution, and we are excited what this certification says about our efforts. You are getting a premium quality building when you go with EXO™.

The Benefits of Going Modular

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Greener – The factory controlled process generates less waste, creates fewer site disturbances and allows for tighter construction. Less Site DisturbanceOn-site traffic is greatly minimized from workers, equipment and suppliers. Greater Flexibility and ReuseModular buildings can be disassembled and the modules relocated or refurbished for new use, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing the amount of energy expended to … Read More

2 Storey EXO Models Now Available

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We are excited to offer our new EXO™ 2 storey model. The EXO 2 Storey model is now available and is a great way to maximize your long term investment by utilizing the land you have in the most efficient way. You can build up, instead of out. 6.30DLT (Above) 6.30DL

EXO at BuildEX Vancouver 2015

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Be sure to visit us at BuildEX Vancouver this year. We are located right near the front entrance. You can’t miss us! We have a beautiful mock up display our of EXO™ Building System. Stop by and say hi.

Surrey School Replaces Portables with EXO

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Holy Cross Regional High School – Surrey, British Columbia Three Classroom Portable Replacement Build 2,844 sq ft The REC Committee are happy with the new buildings and are very pleased to be the first portable replacement in Canada. “Holy Cross is proud to utilize EXO™’s modular system solution. They offer a bright, healthy, environmentally friendly atmosphere for our students to learn in … Read More