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We work hands on with all of our clients, owners, owner's representatives and consultants from conceptualization to completion.

EXO offers true boutique service. We are customizing the process for you, giving you expert advise to meet any changing needs during all phases of a project. Our step by step approach builds long lasting relationships and confidence for our customers. Let's discuss your next project.


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Boutique Firm with Superior Service

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Story of EXO™

A global shortage of affordable quality housing has put pressure on disaster areas, developing nations, and congested cities. Architects, developers, and builders need a smart solution that caters to a variety of industries and meets the urgent demand.

In 2010, we engaged a team of thinkers, architects, designers, and engineers to develop a new and innovative solution for small to medium sized buildings. We designed the EXO™ Building System to meet or exceed local building code requirements and ensure easy transport, quick assembly, energy efficiency, and minimized waste.

EXO™ Panels are manufactured in British Columbia, Canada, with an emphasis on quality and versatility. Our Head Office is located in Surrey, British Columbia Canada and is dedicated to helping you get the building you want, when you need it.

Focaris | The Founding of EXO™ - Video

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Environmentally conscious

We take great pride in keeping the lowest environmental footprint possible, aiming for a zero-waste manufacturing facility. During our manufacturing and building process we go to great lengths to minimize waste. We recycle all off-cuts and trimmed pieces in our manufacturing plant, which are then re-purposed into new materials.

We design and build using strategies aimed at improving performance across the metrics that matter most like energy savings and improved indoor environmental quality while working toward (LEED) Leadership in Energy and Passive Building Code certification.